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With GOOGLE EARTH, you can virtually travel anywhere I'm the world.

US HISTORY TIMELINE provides you with a descriptive timeline of events throughout United States History.

HERITAGE CIVIL WAR TOUR  allows you to travel back in time to explore a variety of Civil War sites. 

U.S. WESTWARD EXPANSION is a great tool for learning about the United States' Westward Expansion.

With TAPQUIZ MAPS: WORLD EDITION, students can practice with not only world geography. You also have the option to focus in on specific continents and countries.

HISTORY: If you are a lover of the History Channel, this is the app for you! If you are NOT a fan of the History Channel, you can still find a plethora of short videos about historical events.

WORLD HISTORY GAMES  is a compilation of games covering topics dealing with World History.

AMERICAN HISTORY GAMES is a compilation of games focused on  American History.

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