Personalized Empowerment Plan

Our Personalized Empowerment Plan is customized for your team/organization's goals. We will assess your needs to help identify areas of improvement.

Google Certification Level One 

Get prepped and ready for the Google Certified Educator Level One assessment.

Student Empowerment

Focus on empowering students to explore their passions through the curriculum by moving learners from only being consumers of content to creators of content as well.

Personalizing Professional Development

Focus on Personalizing Professional Development for your staff using our Personalized Professional Development Plan

Google Certification Level Two

Get prepped and ready for the Google Certified Educator Level Two assessment.

Game-Based Assessments

Learn strategies to incorporate game-based learning into your school/class for instruction and assessment to make learning more meaningful and engaging for learners.

Personalizing Learning

Learn a variety of strategies for personalizing learning for learners and empowering them to explore their passions using the curriculum as a vehicle.

Google Tools for Administrators

Learn strategies that Administrators can use to increase efficiency and communication using tools from Google.

Music in Every Classroom

Music is a powerful tool for learning. Learn strategies for incorporating music into any classroom and any curriculum to enhance the learners' experience. 

We offer educational professionals & students a variety of virtual & in-person supports to empower students & educators.

Some of our Professional Empowerment ideas are below.

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