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Personalized Learning Flow

This past year, I had the privilege to work with a fifth grade teacher who was interested in personalizing learning for students in her class. I began by breaking down the Personalized Learning Framework created by the South Carolina Department of Education. I was able to take these components that many may look at with questions about implementation and I created a cycle that could help with the real-world implementation of these components.


The Personalized Learning Flow consists of five main components:

1. Pre-Assessment (per unit)

2. Learner Profile

3. Personalized Learning Pathways

4. Choice in Demonstration of Mastery

5. Mastery-Based Assessment (per standard)


See video below for more information.


Some important things to note

PRE-ASSESSMENTS consists of all standards for the unit- at least four questions per standard to get an accurate reflection of what the students know. This data will be used to create Learner Profiles and Learning Pathways.

LEARNER PROFILES are co-created by the student and teacher looking at who students are as people and as learners. Here we look at student interests and strengths and weaknesses. Data from the pre-assessment can be used to identify students' academic strengths and weaknesses. Here, we are also identifying strategies for learning that work best for that student in order to design Learning Pathways.

LEARNING PATHWAYS are where students are able to take the learning route that fits them best. They are able to use the strategies that help them learn best. Keep in mind that this does not take away textbooks or direct instruction, but it all depends on who that student is as a learner and what strategies work best for them.

CHOICE IN DEMONSTRATING MASTERY stage gives students an opportunity to explore their passions and create. This is where they choose what they would like to create to share their learning from their learning pathway. This gives teachers an opportunity to decide whether or not the student is ready to move on to the next step.

MASTERY-BASED ASSESSMENT is the typical assessment that students would take. I believe this is important because even though I may personally disagree with standardized testing, students still will have to take them at the end of the year and they will need to practice in order to be prepared.




Mastery Connect

Google Forms

Microsoft Forms

USA Test Prep


Sample Learner Profile


TES Teach with Blendspace

Symbaloo Learning Paths

Deck Toys

Class Craft


Sample Choice Board


Mastery Connect

Google Forms

Microsoft Forms

USA Test Prep

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