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Edcamp ISTE

Today, I arrived back home from an AMAZING week at ISTE in Chicago. Per usual, ISTE was packed with information and resources, but we wanted to bring an "unconference" style, personalized, and learner-driven professional development style experience with a sprinkle of networking with like-minded educators to ISTE. Tuesday afternoon, I was able to facilitate a session with my co-worker, @SCTechJess, that we coined as EdCamp ISTE. For Edcamp ISTE, we wanted to show people how an Edcamp could be set up and then give them an actual Edcamp experience. We were able to have nine quick twenty minute sessions before doing a prize giveaway at the end. The session board can be viewed below. Feel free to click on any of the session notes to see ideas and resources shared by participants. Also, check out the website for Edcamp ISTE.

For more information about Edcamps, make sure to check out the Edcamp Foundation

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