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Creating Virtual Reality with CoSpaces

I haven't posted in a while, but I've found a tool that's just too amaZING (note the capital ZING) not to share. A few weekends ago, I attended EdCamp Myrtle in Myrtle Beach, SC where I was introduced to this website called CoSpaces. Last week, I finally had the opportunity to play around with it a little.

I had a little four year old friend from one of the Pre-K classes at my school today. After logging into Cospaces, we created a virtual reality scene together. I asked him which objects he wanted on his project and where he wanted them placed. Our discussion consisted of him using specific directional words to communicate exactly where he wanted various items. We also were able to review colors and numbers by changing the colors of the items and counting how many items (cars, planes, etc.) were already on the space and comparing that number to the number of items he wanted.

Cospaces is easy to use and a great tool for all ages. Teachers and/or students can create their own Virtual Reality spaces to explore. Users can input objects, build buildings, insert audio, images, and text to create whatever scene they want to- including whatever information they want to include.

Create on a computer to view on a computer or via the app (Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Visit to try for yourself.

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