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Student Techsperts

As a technology coach, and actually any other type of instructional coach, there are often times when teachers need your help, but you can't get there at the time. When there's only one of you with 20+ teachers (all of whom with various levels of expertise) it's quite impossible to help EVERYONE at the same time. Well now there's a solution!

Student Techspert.jpg

Student Techsperts- students who have been trained to help teachers with technological issues.

Technology coaches and/or teachers can identify specific students in each grade level/band who may be able to easily understand how to performa various technological tasks. These students can then be trained (after school, during study hall, rotations, etc.) by the technology coach. After they have been trained, they will be able to assist their teachers when the technology coach cannot. Student Techsperts are the perfect solution to your school's pesky technology issues. Especially since most of the students know how to use the technology better the their teachers anyway.

Comment below other ways you think this could work at your school.

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