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Osmo Educational Gaming System for iPad


Who would have ever thought that the already interactive device, the iPad, could become even more interactive?

The Osmo gaming system for iPad allows you to, as the slogan says, "play beyond the screen." The Osmo uses a reflector that is attached to the iPad camera. This reflective artificial intelligence allows the user to create a playing board on the space in front of the iPad. There are currently four games available for the Osmo, with a fifth about to be released. Take a look at the current interactive games available for the Osmo:

Osmo Games.PNG

Masterpiece: Allows users to take an image that is converted so that the user can trace the image from the screen onto a piece of paper in front of the iPad.

Words: Similar to the old-school game, Hangman, Words gives you clues that you must use to figure out the words. This can be done by yourself or as a competition.

Tangram: Use your knowledge of Geometry to manipulate the shapes to create the figures on the screen.

Newton: Use the laws of Physics to get the balls to hit the targets.

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