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10 Tech Tools to Build Summer Staying Power

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines staying power as "the quality or ability that allows someone or something to continue to be effective, successful, popular, etc., for a long period of time". Too many times, our students lose this battle of staying effective and successful academically thoroughout the summer months out of school.

To keep our students progressing and minimize the regression as much as possible, here are some programs, apps, and/or ideas that I have to share to help your maximize our students' academic staying power for the summer.

Palm Trees

1. ABCya is a website that has a plethora of games and activities to help students with Reading and Math skills.

2. Going on a summer trip? Let your child use the Weebly ipad app or the website to create a travel diary- noting the various things they see on the trip or important facts about the place.

3. Need help with times tables? Learn Your Tables is a website and an app that helps students practice multiplication times tables.

4. Cool Math is a website with math activities that students love.

5. Are there math concepts from the year that your students still haven't grasped or concepts for next year that you would like to introduce your students to? If so, try Math Live. It is filled with interactive math lessons and activities for the upper elementary students.

6. Interactive Sites for Education is a website with interactive activities for just about any subject and content area.

7. News-O-Matic is an iPad app which includs an incredible, interactive, daily newspaper written just for kids! Everyday, it has five articles that are written by children's authors.

8. MATH ACADEMY is an iPad app that is a great way for students to practice mathematical skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at an elementary level.

9. KIDS JOURNAL is a great iPad app for students to use for a writing journal. This app can be used to create a summer journal that allows students to keep an account of everything they've been doing.

10. Do your students want to be authors? Give them the tools to create their own stories using the StoryBird website or the Story Buddy iPad app.

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