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Digital Portfolios

The idea of a student keeping a portfolio is not a new idea at all. It allows teachers and students to track the student's progress using authentic artifacts. This is also a great way to keep up with a student's work and keep parents aware of their child's academic progress.

Well, with today's technology, why not have your students create digital portfolios? They serve the same purposes of an old-school paper portfolio, only in digital format.

There is a variety of ways that you can set up your class's digital portfolios. For earlier grades with less independent students, I would suggest using a program like Seesaw. With this program, the teacher can manage each individual student's portfolio. It also has a Seesaw Parent app that allows parents to view their child's portfolio. A classroom with more independent students could benefit from using programs like Weebly or Google Sites. These programs allow students to create their own webpages that can be shared and viewed by anyone with the link.

Click HERE to view free programs that you can use for Digital Portfolios in your class.

Click the links below to view sample Digital Portfolios

Weebly iPad app

Voice Thread

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