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Music On Memory

Fill in these blanks....


Ring around the ______.

Pocket full of ______.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little __________

How I __________ what you ___________


Mary had a little __________

Whose fleece was __________ as ___________.

Now, think about all the song lyrics that you have stored in your head. Once a beat drops, lyrics to songs that you haven't heard in years somehow find a way back into your head. This is the power of music on memory.

Imagine how effective this power would be if utilized in the instructional setting. This would be especially powerful with subjects that require more memorization than application such as Social Studies and Science. This is a great way to teach that oh, so important, academic vocabulary or even the sequential events and other important facts from history.

In a Math or English class, music can be beneficial aides for remembering formulas and vocabulary. With writing, this could be a perfect way to get students to understand and remember the writing process and even CUPS (Capitalization/ Usage/ Punctuation/ Spelling) and ARMS (Add/ Remove/ Move/ Substitute) for editing and revising.

While teaching 4th Grade Social Studies, I found music to be a valuable tool for helping my students retain the information. During lessons where music was integrated with the content, students were more engaged and, based on assessment data, were able to retain the most information

For samples of music integration from my classroom click HERE.

If you have a topic that you would like me to create a song for your class, click HERE

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