Be Your Own Substitute With Google Hangouts

Teachers, how many of you absolutely HATE it when you have to take a day off and have a substitute come in for you? Not because you don't need a break, but because you don't want your students to get behind (since you have to follow your pacing/curriculum guides and you're probably already falling behind).

A solution to this problem is to JUST BE YOUR OWN SUBSTITUTE!

"How can I be there without being there?!?!?" is a question you may be asking. The answer is simple- GOOGLE HANGOUTS!

Google Hangouts is one of the components from the great people at Google that allows you to have video and/or audio calls to anyone with a Google account. Within a video Hangout, you have the capability of screensharing (Sharing your screen so that others can see what you see). While screensharing, you can pull up the same programs that you would in class and still have class and teach without even being there

You would only need the substitute there as an adult body in the physical classroom and possibly to be the one to set up the computer in the classroom to answer the call. An outline of possible Hangout lesson activities is below:

Anticipatory Set:

  • Youtube Video

  • Teachertube Video

  • Read Aloud via webcam

Direct Instruction:

  • PowerPoint

  • Session Via Nearpod

  • Whiteboard Lesson

  • Educreations

  • Aww

  • Stoodle

Guided Practice:

  • Nearpod Surveys

  • Kahoot!

  • Answer Garden

  • Padlet

Independent Practice:

  • Nearpod Assessment

  • Google Form Quiz

  • Google Classroom

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