November 14, 2015

A few weeks ago, I began teaching my fifth graders how to perform various operations using decimals. Two of these operations were multiplying and dividing. After working with my students so far this year, I know that multiplication and division... ESPECIALLY DIVISION.....

October 31, 2015


Check out this video showing how I use Google Sites in my fifth grade Math and Science classroom.

May 21, 2015

Teachers, the year is wrapping up.  Textbooks and most other materials have been, or are in the process of being, collected. What is left to do now with NO MATERIALS???  Well don't fret.  If you still have access to a few resources (i.e. laptop,  Starboard/SMARTboard,...

May 3, 2015

 The idea of a student keeping a portfolio is not a new idea at all.  It allows teachers and students to track the student's progress using authentic artifacts. This is also a great way to keep up with a student's work and keep parents aware of their child's academic...

April 21, 2015

As a fourth grade Social Studies teacher, I was introduced to an instructional tool called Text-Mapping. With text-mapping, the teacher gives students copies of text that they can annotate on and highlight key information to answer questions about a topic. The students...

April 20, 2015

PICTURE IT: You are a third grade math teacher in front of your class in the middle of your direct instruction. You have your place value chart displayed on the board and you are explaining place value.


As you point to each place, you say, “This is our ones place. Besi...

April 19, 2015

Fill in these blanks....


Ring around the ______.

Pocket full of ______.


Twinkle, Twinkle Little __________

How I __________ what you ___________


Mary had a little __________

Whose fleece was __________ as ___________.

Now, think about all the song lyrics...

April 15, 2015

Teachers, how many of you absolutely HATE it when you have to take a day off and have a substitute come in for you? Not because you don't need a break, but because you don't want your students to get behind (since you have to follow your pacing/curriculum guides and yo...

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